Our company values by the work timeliness, since the deadlines established in the negotiation are fulfilled in order to maintain an active and efficient logistics. To be able to achieve this goal, we have doubled production potential, which means, each equipment here installed operates with a backup equipment ready for use in the event of a technical necessity.

Specialized technical staff

The human capital of Polako is one of the differentials we are more proud of, after all, without the knowledge and cooperation of each employee, the company would not exist. Thus, we have team of technical engineering and operational staff highly qualified and in continuous training to enhance the services and general competence of workers.


Our company is always seeking the best relationship with the public it reaches. The commitment to the responsibilities that we assume is shown from the small daily to the major negotiations with the market. Commit, for us, is a matter beyond the business, it is part of the profile of each employee so that any service or action leaves the industry with quality.

Manufacturing capacity

Polako has manufacturing capacity of 250 molds per month, this ability is only possible thanks to the doubling of all equipment in our industrial facilities, providing an improved quality to any mold here produced. Additionally, we have trained technicians and engineers in all shifts, enabling immediate inquiry into any failure in the production logistics.

Complete Mold Shop

Our industrial facilities have a mock-up shop, casting, machining and mold test, thus ensuring, from the beginning of the project until the final delivery, the quality of the mold in the most diverse materials.

Quality assurance

All molds produced in our factory are tested, reviewed and approved by the company. We have injection machines to certify all products, in order to provide to the market only molds with proven quality, for total customer satisfaction.

Corporate reputation

We always aim for a good relationship with all publics we reach, we believe that all people deserve the same respect and attention. Thus, throughout our history, we have built credibility and reputation with employees and the market, becoming a reference in the sector of molds and being commonly indicated by clients served, a source of pride and motivation to continue to believe in the relationship between people.

Bilingual professionals

Our team is in constant evolution, therefore, we have bilingual and trained professionals to work with the most diverse countries. Polako believes that a well-trained human capital is the key to a successful brand.


We are for almost three decades in the molds market, and along our journey, we managed to conquer many partners, friends and associates. Today we can say with pride that we are a company of tradition in the footwear industry, being responsible for providing molds to more than 15 countries around the world and promoting the national economy.


We always offer the customer the best experience with our factory, because we know the market requires a differential to ensure good business. Polako has traditionally maintained secrecy and confidentiality about the commercial transactions that puts in, protecting the customer from their competition.