Polako Molds was founded in August 1988, initially our business plan was geared to the production of molds for the domestic market. In 1994 we had our first contact with the international market, where we earned great recognition on our work. Currently, the company exports to over 15 countries, produces several types of molds, has approximately 100 employees and its technical team is formed by well trained engineers and technicians to develop a high quality work.

Innovate and implement ideas in the production of molds with high quality in a sustainable manner that contributes to the development of partners.

Be recognized as a company with a better quality in the markets it serves.

30 Years



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Specialized technical staff

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Manufacturing capacity

The Polako has manufacturing capacity of 250 molds per month… See more

Complete Mould Shop

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Quality assurance

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Corporate reputation

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Bilingual professionals

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